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      ERP Solutions - Odoo

      Odoo offers a simple yet powerful and effective way of managing every part of your organization, from website to inventory, and more. Odoo will grow and adapt to your organization no matter what size your company is, you can access Odoo from anywhere.     

      Contactless & Paperless Solution - QR Codes

      Kdoo develops Contactless & Paperless business cards, capability statements, and sign-in solutions that allow your contact information to be shared and displayed digitally with help of QR Codes. Kdoo also provides incorporation of QR Codes into any system! All it takes is a single scan. 


      Remote training from home or remote areas, and conduct inspections, Incident reports, Timesheets, Change Management , Risk Assessment, Meetings, Observations, Equipment Registers, Project Planning, Scheduling and Rostering online using our software package 

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      With Kdoo Expand as you grow

      We have a solution for all areas of your company. From design to a webpage, e-commerce, project management, attendances,  planning, CRM, requisitions, jobs, eLearning, SWMS, purchases, inventory, invoicing, timesheets, email marketing, SMS marketing, events, surveys, employees, recruitment, time off, expenses, maintenance, fleet, knowledge, and management system. 




      We work to improve the life of humanity, creating digital platforms that optimize human work. As well as creating society connected and efficient in their workspace.


      We are respectful of the environment, because the Earth's resources are finite, in this sense we seek that each product we make has a positive impact on our environment.


      Our products are economically viable since we seek to be accessible to individuals and companies from basic developments to large projects according to the needs of our clients.