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 A unique value proposition


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a powerful browser-based sales software designed to increase organizational efficiency. 

The advantage of utilizing our ERP is simplicity, ease of use, and the ability to customize and personalise it just to suit you and your needs. 

Our family of apps works seamlessly together - giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do - centralized, online, and accessible from anywhere with any device.

Inspection App

Kdoo offers inspections to be done quickly using QR codes that will take you directly to inspection. This makes the process quicker and more efficient while getting the same results. This will allow you to do : Incident Reports, Timesheets, Change Management, Risk Assessment, Training, Meetings, Observations, Permits, Equipment Registers, Project Planning, Scheduling and Rostering  

Contactless/Paperless Solution  

Kdoo deveops Contactless & Paperless business cards, capability statements, and sign-in solutions that allow your contact information to be shared and displayed digitally with help of QR Codes. Kdoo also provides incorporation of QR Codes into any system! All it takes is a single scan.